liquid sulfur 5 liter

Liquid sulfur can be used both as a source of sulfur for plant nutrition and as a soil conditioner. Liquid sulfur is involved in many enzymatic activities as well as the synthesis of useful compounds in oilseeds, bulbs and fruits. Liquid sulfur is a liquid soil conditioner that changes the chemical and physical structure of agricultural soils and makes them suitable for crops. Growing makes more ready. Liquid sulfur softens the soil, improves air and water infiltration, lowers soil pH, and also allows excess soil salts to be removed. The use of liquid sulfur increases the availability of other important nutrients in the soil for the plant. Also, liquid sulfur can reduce the population of soil pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

Additional information

Foliar spraying: 3-5 liters per 1000 liters of water in trees
2-3 liters per hectare in crops
Root intake: 5 to 20 liters per hectare