chimax 5L


The new generation of sterilized and hygienic chicken manure
Chimax is rich in organic substances along with highly consumed elements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and amino acids.
This product does not contain pathogenic agents or weed seeds, and while helping to provide the aforementioned elements for the plant, it increases soil organic matter, improves soil fertility, improves soil microbial activity, and improves plant resistance to environmental stresses. This product can also release and facilitate the absorption of nutrients in the soil and improve the absorption of mineral fertilizers used in the soil by the plant and help to improve the quality, health and performance of the plant. The ideal time to use this product is from the beginning to the middle of the season.

Additional information

Gardens: 10-20 liters per hectare / summer: 15-40 liters per hectare / crops: 10-40 liters per hectare