Phosphite K 100

Phosphite K 100

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uperMax Phosphite K 100 is a dual purpose compound that, in addition to providing potassium to the plant, makes it resistant to some of the fungal diseases including downy mildew, canker, root rot, leaf spots (Includes Bacterial blights caused by Xanthamonas and fungal agents like Diplocarpon spp.), wilting (Phytophtora and Pytium spp.), etc. phosphite is widely marketed as either a systemic fungicide, fertilizer or sometimes as a biostimulant. SuperMax Phosphite K 100 enhances plant tolerance to diseases, low temperature, dryness and śtrengthens plants. By providing a basic element needed by the plant (potassium) along with inducing the defense system, Phosphite K 100 Supermax has become an ideal product for improving metabolism, photosynthesis and greenness, plant growth, flowering and productivity.

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Water soluble potassium (K2O)