Petroparis in the 12th agricultural industry exhibition in Yazd 2024

The specialized exhibition of Yazd agricultural industry was held on January 26-29, 2024 with the presence of companies active in this field, including Petropariz.

Petropariz Group hosted the audience by participating in this exhibition and introducing the company’s specialized brands, including Supermax, Montana, Eurogreen, Grunberg, pronice and Leonard.

In this exhibition, where the Petropariz booth was very well received by the visitors, the experts of Petropariz provided the visitors with a complete explanation and communication about the products, fertilizer nutrition program suitable for the climate and special conditions of Yazd province.

نمایشگاه تخصصی صنعت کشاورزی یزد

In the specialized exhibition of the agricultural industry in Yazd, the Petropariz collection tried to create a suitable environment for discussion and exchange of opinions using scientific findings and specialized experiences among experts and visitors.

On the third day of this exhibition, Mr. Engineer Alamdar Yazdi and Engineer Sadeghi conducted a training workshop on plant nutrition and fertilizer recommendations, which was met with a unique welcome from the interested parties.

You can refer to Petropariz Instagram to see the details of this training workshop.

برگذاری کارگاه اموزشی تغذیه گیاهی و توصیه کودی توسط کارشناسان پتروپایز

You can find out about the latest products of this company, the exact details of these products and the release date of the products, as well as feedback on the use of these products, by following the Instagram page of Petropariz.

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